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It seems that Amazon Prime is gearing up to introduce its Amazon Prime Gaming services in India. Now, many may remember that Amazon introduced Prime Gaming in 2020, however, the service only included in-bonus game items that are intended for mobile games.

Amazon Prime Gaming, which is already available in a few countries, gives you access to in-game as well as PC games, as long as you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. This is available at no additional cost. Amazon India has not currently confirmed when this service will launch, however, it is evident that the company is doing to do so soon since they have already launched a webpage announcing the same. 

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Rishi Alwani, an insider in the gaming industry, recently spotted a dedicated Amazon Prime Gaming page on the Amazon India website. The page says “Prime Gaming is now in India”.

When Rishi clicked the banner to investigate further, it took him to an error page saying  “Prime Gaming is not available.” This could indicate that the page was made live before the launch to generate excitement (or went live accidentally).

The official Prime Gaming page explains the service. It says “With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership) unlock instant access to tons of exclusive content for your favourite games and a rotating collection of PC games…each and every month”.

The Amazon app also displays the same page and the same error on clicking on any component on the page such as Games. 

With the gaming industry growing rapidly in India, and companies like Jio trying to launch their own Cloud gaming ventures, this could be another critical offering that adds a lot of value to gamers.

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