Anagraphs, the word game with a twist, is coming to iOS and Android on 6th April


As we reported in an exclusive reveal last week during our Pocket Gamer LaunchPad event, Anagraphs from developer Cinq-Mars Media is coming soon to iOS and Android. However, it will now be releasing on 6th April rather than the previously-reported 4th March date.

Anagraphs is a word game about looking for anagrams but with a slight twist, it uses a special font to make several letters vertically symmetrical. This means you not only need to look at one word trying to make others out of the letters, but you also must rotate certain letters to create others.

One example of this provided by the developers is the word ‘ma’, in which the only other anagram you could make of it is ‘am’. Anagrams, however, allows you to rotate the ‘m’ into a ‘w’, which also allows you to make the word ‘aw’.

This gives you so many more opportunities to create words, as now you have a whole plethora of new combinations of letters to make. The number is vastly increased, and it gives you far more to discover than you realise.

Check out this trailer to see more of how the game works. Cinq-Mars Media has previously developed Lazy Chess, The Devil’s Calculator, and Synonymy. Anagraphs is said to be a spiritual successor of the latter, as it’ll task you to uncover all the different possibilities to collect stars that can be used to unlock new levels.

Anagraphs is available on 6th April from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store. If you want, you can play a free demo in your browser right now on the official website.

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