Apex Legends: Saviors Trailer Teases Dragons, Knights Themed Skins


Apex Legends: Saviors battle pass trailer has been released, and it showcases the new medieval-themed skins of a few characters. Saviors is the 13th season of this battle royale hero shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment. The Apex Legends: Saviors battle pass trailer trailer includes futuristic weapons and cosmetics with designs inspired by knights and dragons. It also gives us the first look at some of the abilities of Newcastle, a new addition to the legend roster coming with season 13. The Apex Legends: Saviors update is expected to go live today at 10:30pm IST.

The trailer for Apex Legends: Saviors battle pass offers a look at some of the new legend skins in action, including two Legendary-tier skins — Bloodhound’s Feral’s Future and Fuse’s Sir Fitzroy. Apex Legends: Saviors will also arrive with a new legend, Newcastle, who will have an Epic-tier Firewall skin. Previously, Newcastle was heavily linked to debut in season 13 when test gameplay footage of unreleased heroes leaked on Reddit.

The Apex Legends: Saviors battle pass trailer also includes a glimpse at the newly-added Downed Beast POI on the Storm Point map. There will also be four new IMC Armories loot vaults which will allow players to engage in PvE (player vs environment) combat for upgraded loot, according to their respective loadouts.

Respawn has shared the complete patch notes for the Saviors update. It will bring changes to the map rotation, which will now include Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge. The two-hour map rotation block will be removed, which might reduce the frequency of players getting less favoured maps while queuing for matches. Respawn has made adjustments to the Ranked system with new tier demotions and entry cost adjustments. Also, it has reworked the Ranked Points system which will now reward team play and high accuracy.

Furthermore, Custom Match will be replacing the Private Match system with this update. This change is said to bring UI and match flow improvements for an improved experience. The Saviors update will also include several balance adjustments and bug fixes.



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