Balan Wonderworld Can Cause Seizures Without Patch Installed


Square Enix released the new platform game Balan Wonderworld today, March 26, but an effect present in the unpatched version can cause epileptic seizures. The publisher urges players to make sure they’ve installed the game’s new patch in order to remove this potential danger.

In a post on the game’s official Twitter account, Square Enix confirmed that the Day One patch prevents a “flashing bug” from occurring that could cause epileptic seizures. The update also “enhances the overall play experience,” though it’s unclear exactly what was done otherwise.

Game Informer’s Liana Ruppert, who has epilepsy, brought the issue to the developer’s attention on March 25, saying that even those without photo-sensitive epilepsy could experience problems with one particular scene in the game. You can read her thoughts and see the scene in question here, though we obviously don’t recommend watching if you suffer from epilepsy. As someone who doesn’t have the condition, it didn’t look like much to me, but the series of rapidly flashing lights–even just for a few seconds–can be extremely dangerous to those who do. Ruppert also pointed out that the update post doesn’t specify if all instances of the effect were removed.

This isn’t the only recent game that needed to be patched to remove the risk of seizures. Cyberpunk 2077 also had a section that could trigger seizures, and it was later edited to reduce the risk.

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