Battlegrounds Mobile India announces in-game rewards as the game closes in towards 50 million downloads | Digit


As Battlegrounds Mobile India gets close to 50 million downloads, Krafton has announced that it plans to introduce special rewards for players. The developer has announced that these rewards will be made available to all players as they cross certain downloads. It should be noted that the game is currently only available for download on the Google Play Store. 

Krafton notes that the rewards will be spread across three download milestones. Once the game crosses 48 million downloads, players will get three Supply Coupon Crate Scraps. Upon crossing the 49 million mark, players will get three Classic Coupon Crate Scraps. Finally, when the game crosses the 50 million downloads, players will get a permanent Galaxy Messenger Set.

Krafton notes that the rewards will be made available in-game via the events section. The rewards will be automatically unlocked once each minestrone is achieved. As such, players are advised to check-in daily. Once the 50 million download mark is reached, the reward will be maintained for a one-month redemption period. Further, all Battlegrounds Mobile India who access the game after the milestone completion will be eligible to receive the reward as per the above set period. 

As mentioned earlier, the game is currently only available on Android. It is not yet known when the game will make its way to iOS. But it should eventually make its way to Apple devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched back in July 2, and marked the return of the popular battle royale game. As such, the popularity of the game should not come as any surprise. However, the fact that the game is closing in on 50 million downloads in just over two months should impress even the most ardent of fans. 



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