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Looks like the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting quite close. The developers are going ‘guns a blazing’ when it comes to teasing the launch of the title. However, the exact launch date is still unknown. However, the latest teaser of the game literally suggests that the launch is closer than what we may think. 

When is Battlegrounds Mobile India launching?

According to a post on its official Facebook page, the devs note that the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India is “closer than you think.” Previously, professional players and streamers had hinted that the game may launch on June 18, which is this Friday. However, since nothing has been confirmed yet, we all have no other option other than waiting. 

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock, Battlegrounds Mobile India is pretty much a re-branded version of PUBG Mobile India and will be exclusive to the country. This means that the game will feature exclusive Indian content. However, what that actually entails remains to be seen. What we do know is that those who pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store will receive a bunch of exclusive in-game items. This includes the Recon Mask, Recon outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG. These can be claimed once the game goes live. 

The developer, Krafton Inc., has announced that the game received 20 million pre-registrations in two weeks since being listed. In fact, it was noted that the game got 7.6 million pre-registrations on its opening day alone. By comparison, another highly anticipated mobile game, FAU-G (review) received just over a million votes within 24 hours of its pre-registration. 

Unfortunately, there are still a bunch of imitator apps on the Google Play Store. As always, these apps are trying to cash in on the popularity of the game. These apps are usually poor imitators or low-quality games. As such, gamers are advised to be careful before pre-registering. A simple way to click here to go straight to the official listing of Battlegrounds India Mobile here



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