Brave Nine partners with Legend of Heroes for a crossover event and adds a new Spell Card system


Brave Nine, a strategy RPG by Neowiz has announced a massive collaboration with the popular Legend of Heroes RPG series that starts today. The game will have updated content and features, and also the union of servers worldwide.

Starting from today, the game will merge all the servers and form a global server. As a result, all regions of the world will be playing together in one massive global server. To make this event remarkable the game will reward each and every player who logs in after the servers are merged.

Details about the Legend of Heroes Crossover Event

The Spell Card System

  • The devs have introduced a new Spell Card System to Brave Nine this month. Spell cards will play an important role to affect the battle’s outcome outside of the Mercenaries. This system will intensify the way the players use the tactics in combat and make it more exciting.
  • Players can select up to 2 Spell Cards and use them in Match modes. Each spell card has a different attribute to it, players need to choose it wisely as it can greatly affect their matches. Spell cards can also be used to bolster the mercenaries’ weaknesses and strengths.

The Legend of Heroes Collaboration

  • From March 11th, Brave Nine will team up with Nihon Falcom’s epic RPG series called The Legend of Heroes. The collaboration will bring in six heroes from The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki games into Brave Nine.
  • Lloyd, Rixia, Rean, Juna, Swin and Nadia will become available for a limited time during the event. Interested players who take part in this event will also be able to permanently obtain one of the new 5-Star heroes as a free reward.

During the crossover event, there will be a new Limited Event Dungeon available with special Legend of Heroes enemies, themed rewards, and more. Players who are willing to grind in this event can earn special currency and rewards by playing the dungeon. After successfully claiming those rewards, they can then be exchanged for unique items at the special Exchange Post within the Limited Dungeon itself. 

Brave Nine is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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