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Express is the newest map that has made its way to Call of Duty: Mobile. The map was first seen in 2012’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II. These tips should help you make the most of this potentially confusing map.

Here are the top five things that you should keep in mind when playing on the new Express map in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Understand the layout

The overall layout of the Express map is like a soft ‘U’ shape. Towards the bottom, you have the two tracks with platforms flanking each of them. One of the tracks has a stationary train, while the other sees a train run through the map. There are bridges that connect the far side of the platforms to the central area. Towards the top is the ticketing and turnstile section that can be used to flank opponents in the middle or to get behind them. 

Mind the track

As mentioned earlier, a bullet train will barrel through the map. Players unfortunate enough to be on the map of the train will be instantly killed. Thankfully, before the train comes, the barriers on the track will lower. If you see that happen, stay clear of the tracks. It should be noted that when the train comes, there is a good chance that you’ll lose sight of your opponent on the other side of the platform and vice versa. Use this opportunity to reposition yourself and better take on opponents or simply catch your breath. If you want, you use the two bridges to get the drop on your opponents.

Stay mobile

The tight and twisting nature of the map means that it is very easy to get the drop on enemies (and vice versa). This means staying mobile can be the difference between winning or losing. Players who choose to camp might soon be at the receiving end of a melee attack from behind. It doesn’t matter which weapon you choose, ensure you keep moving about to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

Choose a path based on your weapon

Speaking of weapons, certain areas tend to favour certain guns. Snipers may wish to climb onto the stationary train or the bridges and snipe any incoming enemies. SMG and shotgun users may wish to use the extra mobility granted by their weapons to go around the enemy via the ticketing area. Players who are confident in their aim may want to head over to the carnage in the central area. 

Scorestreaks matter

UAV and Counter UAV can be extremely handy in a confusing map like Express. You may also want to equip yourself with the Sentry Turret Scorestreak that can pin enemies and block entire routes. Aerial Scorestreaks such as the Lightning Strike, VTOL, Napalm, or Chopper Gunner can have limited use as most of the map is indoors. However, Stealth Chopper and Swarm have limited use as they can be used to pin down enemies. The multiple levels make the Shock RC pretty useless, while the slow and ponderous XS1 Goliath is quite vulnerable.




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