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Activision has just released additional content for Call of Duty: Mobile, the new Season 2: Taskforce 141 update. The new content includes the new Hardhat map as well as the new seasonal event called Counter Intel. As with any seasonal event, it gives players the chance to earn some free in-game events such as weapon skills as well as a new operator.

Call of Duty: Mobile Counter Intel event: How it works

The Counter Intel event is similar to other season events hosted by the game The event itself is accessed via the events tab and once players enter, they will be presented with a map with a number of interconnected nodes, called districts. The objective is to go from the starting district to the final district by capturing the other districts in the middle. To capture any district, players will need to accrue and spend ammunition. Each of the districts costs a set amount of ammunition. Owning any adjacent districts will reduce the ammo cost of a node. 

Capturing any district gives players an in-game reward. This includes Credits (Call of Duty: Mobile’s free currency) and skins such as QXR – Gentleman’s Side Arm, AK117 – Herald and so forth. The final district earns players the Minotaur – Maze Keeper operator. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Counter Intel event: How to earn ammunition

In order to earn ammunition, players will simply have to play Call of Duty: Mobile. It is earned by playing Multiplayer or Battle Royale modes. Once a day, players can earn additional ammo by completing a specific objective in Multiplayer Mode or Battle Royale Mode. 

Players can also earn additional ammo by owning three weapon skins from the Rocket Salvo set. This includes the SKS – Shield Breaker, Thumper – Shield Breaker, and the Gas Grenade – Shield breaker. Owning all three nets players 50% additional ammo as well as the Fortified avatar frame. However, in order to get these items, players will have to use CP (Call of Duty: Mobile’s premium currency) to purchase the Rocket Salvo crate from the store. 

A single Rocket Salvo crate costs 40CP, and 10 crates cost 360CP. Each crate gives players a single item and not all items are duplicate protected, which means that there is a possibility of getting some of the items again. The game notes that the probability of getting the SKS – Shield Breaker, or Thumper – Shield Breaker is 0.50%, while the Gas Grenade – Shield Breaker is 0.80%. I hope it’s pretty clear what I am implying here…

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