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Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Seasonal Event is now live. Called Cyber Attack, the new event sees players try and learn more lore about in-game events, while also unlocking new rewards such as new weapon blueprints, skins, charms and more. These include Charm – Crow Feather, SKS – Technic Turret, credits, rare camos, and weapon XP. Players can even unlock Zero – Dark Ops as an in-game operator. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Cyber Attack Seasonal event – How it works

Players can participate in the Cyber Attack Seasonal Event by heading over to the Events tab in the main menu. There players can try and run the roulette wheel to earn items. However, in order to increase their chances of earning better rewards, players can strengthen their odds by strengthening Zero before spinning the wheel. Players can earn ‘strengthen’ points by playing multiplayer and BR modes

It should be noted that all rewards, except for the 1000x Credits can be earned only once. As such, when they earn a reward, it automatically will increase their odds of earning another major reward. Further, players can only spin the wheel, i,e ‘Operation Start’ only once every six hours.

In addition to this, earning ‘Strengthen’ points also allows players to unlock Zero. Along the way, players will also learn in-game lore. According to a post on Reddit, players will “learn about her  (Zero’s) mission to track down and investigate the dangerous and illicit Nova 6 Gas, and how all roads always seem to lead back to the Five Knights.”

The Cyber Attack Seasonal Event is a part of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 7 Elite of the Elite update. As with any other update, this one adds a bunch of new additions such as new maps, weapons and more. You can learn more about the update here.



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