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Activision has revealed some of the changes and fixes its developers put into the game following the release of Season 2 Day of Reckoning update. The changes include discussions on weapon rebalancing, Hardpoint spawn changes, and the fixing of the infamous Predator Skin glitch.

Call of Duty: Mobile – changes

Call of Duty: Mobile developers note that weapon balancing has been one of the ‘hottest topics’ over the past week. Activision note that while there have already been some changes made to address the issue, its teams are discussing more options for future updates. 

The developers also revealed that while players generally disliked the initial changes to Hardpoint spawning, the latest changes seem to be more favourable. The developers also noted that they will be keeping an eye on discussions and see if there are any continued concerns. 

As far as issues with screen shake/recoil changes are concerned, Activision notes that they have been trying to narrow it down to understand if this was feedback or a bug. Regardless, the developers have shared posts regarding the same with their team. They hope that the team will be able to better understand and address the mixed sentiment about the same.

Activision has also talked about the restoration of accounts. The developers have advised players to opt for two-factor authentication whenever possible. For accounts that have been already compromised, the developers suggest reaching out for support on Facebook or ATVI Support for COD accounts, etc.

Call of Duty: Mobile – bugs

Activision has already addressed some of the bugs facing the game. The most notable being the Phantom Skin glitch that caused players with the skin to not be rendered in the game. IN order words, players with the skin would be invisible to everyone else. The developers have listed all the bugs they have identified and note that some long-term issues like black screen issues of desync haven’t been included. The list has been divided into three sections. This includes bugs that have been fixed, bugs with a fix scheduled to release soon, and bugs that are still under investigation. 

Fix Released

  • Invisible Phantom Skin (thanks for the quick reports that led to an expedient fix)
  • Fast Movement Glitch/Exploit
  • Ghost – Jawbone Cape
  • Avatar Reset to Default Button Not Displayed
  • Misaligned SPR Ironsights
  • Random Death Cries Heard in BR
  • Karambit – Ruptured Steel Not Appearing In-Game

Fix Scheduled

  • Various Audio Issues with Operators
  • Loot Rarely Not Spawning in BR
  • Store – New Item Notifications

Under Investigation

  • Unable to Switch Weapons After Using a Shield Turret
  • Unable to Heal After Killing an Enemy Using Last Stand
  • Doorway Obstruction in Highrise
  • Lucky Board (Ads) Missing For Some Players


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