Chicken Nugget shaped like Among Us Character sells for 100,000 dollars | Digit


As if the weird memes about Among Us weren’t enough, The internet has managed to surprise us yet again. 

The nugget was found in a McDonald’s tie-in meal with the K-Pop band BTS and it sold for almost a hundred thousand US dollars. That’s 72,92,410 Rupees. Yes, you read that right, About 73 lakhs for a chicken nugget slightly resembling a character from a bygone popular game. (no offence to anyone who still plays)

among us nugget

The eBay auction wrapped up after 184 bids, arriving at the final price of 99,997 dollars for what is basically a cold piece of processed chicken in a small plastic baggie.

The original seller of the nugget named Polizna did however tell the internet that it’s not JUST the nugget that will be sent to the buyer. At such an astronomical price, the buyer also requested that they ship a few tubs of McDonald’s extremely contentious Szechuan sauce alongside it and at that price? We’d send over 20 tubs of it.

“Xbox’s Twitter replied to the official Among us twitter that had posted about it and mentioned that it had better come with Szechuan sauce if it sells for this price,” wrote Polizna. “Jokes on them.. I have Szechuan and at the buyer’s request will ship some with the nugget.”

The eBay listing also noted that the nugget would be shipped frozen and air sealed with a life expectancy of 14 days-just in case the buyer did, in fact, pay several years’ salary to eat the most expensive nugget in history.



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