Chromebooks Dominate Global PC Market With 75 Percent YoY Growth: Canalys


With HP at the pole position, the worldwide Chromebook market has posted a 75 percent year-on-year (YoY) growth in the second quarter of 2021 (Q2 2021), as per a global notebook market data report by Canalys. The market research firm says that despite a slowdown in shipments growth, Chromebooks continued to outperform the rest of the PC product categories. When it comes to tablets, the report says the growth in shipments has started to stabilise as tablets post a paltry 4 percent increase in shipments in Q2 2021.

Chromebook shipments in Q2 2021

As per the data shared by Canalys, Chromebook shipments growth declined in Q2 2021 as compared to the Q1 2021. However, on YoY basis, there was a 75 percent growth in shipments. [HP] led the growth by capturing a 36.4 percent market share (4.3 million units) as compared to 29.5 percent a year ago, and registered a growth of 115.7 percent. Lenovo took the second spot by capturing 21 percent market share (2.6 million units), and Acer held 15.7 percent share (1.8 million units) in the quarter ending June. Dell and Samsung completed the top five with the former registering a massive 324.4 percent growth in Q2 2021 on YoY basis.

As per Brian Lynch, Research Analyst at Canalys, the Chromebook shipment growth is attributed to Chrome’s hold over the education space. He said since schools have begun to open up in key markets like North America and Western Europe, Chromebook shipments have remained elevated as governments and education ecosystems plan for long-term integration of Chromebooks within digital learning processes.

“Google is set to bet big on the commercial segment this year,” the analyst said.

Tablet shipments in Q2 2021

When it comes to tablets, Q2 2021 saw a 4.3 percent growth in shipments on YoY basis. Although Apple’s annual growth declined by 0.5 percent, it remained the top vendor with a lion’s share of 36.3 percent (14.2 million units). The second spot was held by [Samsung] with a 20.5 percent share (8 million units), while the third-placed Lenovo with a 12 percent share had the highest growth out of the top five at 77.5 percent (4.7 million units). [Amazon] and Huawei completed the top five list of tablet vendors in Q2 2021.

Canalys Research Analyst Himani Mukka says that this is the fifth consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth for the segment and that the demand for tablets will not slow down in the coming quarters.

“Canalys expects to see stronger integration between the tablet and PC, allowing for smoother workflow transitions between multiple devices, which is especially attractive to those operating under hybrid and on-the-go workstyles,” Mukka noted.

PC shipments in Q2 2021

In the total PC market (including desktops, notebooks, and tablets), Lenovo reigned supreme once again, with a YoY growth of 22.9 percent (24.7 million units, 19.7 percent share). Apple remained in second place with a 5 percent growth (20.6 million units, 18.1 percent share). HP saw the lowest growth out of the top vendors with a shipment of 18.6 million units (15.8 percent share) and a 2.7 percent growth from a year ago. Dell and Samsung made up the remainder of the top five in overall PC market results for Q2 2021.



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