ChromeOS Flex for Old PC and Mac Computers Released: Details


Google has announced a broader roll out of ChromeOS Flex, its free operating system for older PC and Mac users. The new ChromeOS version was unveiled in February and was available for beta testing. The operating system is free-to-download and has been developed for businesses and schools, according to the company. Google says that users should opt to install ChromeOS Flex instead of replacing their old PC or Mac computer and claims that the operating system consumes 19 percent less energy on average.

In a blog post, Google has announced that ChromeOS Flex will now be widely available for PC and Mac computers. According to the company, the new ChromeOS version offers proactive security with sandboxing and protection against malware, ransomware, and employee errors. ChromeOS Flex was introduced by Google in February this year and was earlier available for early access. It is a free-to-download operating system.

On ChromeOS Flex, background updates reduce system downtime, so it doesn’t slow down over time. The operating system has been built for businesses and schools, according to Google. The company also claims that ChromeOS Flex consumes 19 percent less energy and hence, Google advises users to replace their current operating system with ChromeOS Flex instead of replacing the entire machine.

Thomas Riedl, Director of Product, Enterprise, and Education at Google, said, “Worldwide, 40 million tons of e-waste is generated every year – that’s like throwing away 800 laptops per second. Upgrading devices to ChromeOS Flex rather than replacing them altogether is an impactful way to reduce waste and prevent this growing problem.”

Additionally, Google updated its list of certified models that can run ChromeOS Flex. It has now certified 295 models to run the operating system. The company has also includes brand-wise listings of the models that have been certified. These include the Macbook Pro 2013 15-inch model and Macbook Air 2012 11-inch model from Apple, and Latitude 3160 from Dell. It is to be noted that the webcam was not functional on two Macbook Air models that have been certified. However, users running any model can try the new ChromeOS Flex.

ChromeOS Flex is currently available for download via the company website for free. To install ChromeOS Flex, organisations can choose to deploy the operating system across their school or company via a USB drive or through their corporate network. Users can also boot and run it from the USB drive to try the new operating software before permanently installing it, according to the company.



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