Darkfire Heroes preview – “Collecting heroes and slinging spells”


If you like your RPG heroes with a bit of auto-scroll, then Darkfire Heroes is the perfect game for you. Rovio’s strategic fantasy RPG puts your heroes in harm’s way and asks you to help them battle waves of foes using spells, special attacks, and various skills to come out victorious.

There are over 50 heroes to collect and upgrade, and swapping them out to create the perfect monster-crushing team is only half the fun. With plenty of levels to challenge and bosses to battle, there’s always something to keep you busy in Darkfire Heroes.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Your team in Darkfire Heroes can have up to five heroes in it, and each one looks different, has a different weapon, and represents a specific class. For example, the ‘tank’ that you start with, Raebert, is a knight who beats the stuffing out of enemies with his oversized sword. He leads the pack, along with any other tanks you have, to charge into battle first, dishing out major damage.

Other classes are the Damage Dealer class, which typically do their attacks from a distance, Supporters, which provide elemental damage like poison, and Healers, which help heal heroes as they take damage. Each hero has an element, either Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Light, or Dark, and these elements add to the damage or lessen it, depending on the foes you are fighting.

Each hero has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s often a matter of rearranging your team to ensure the best range of elements and abilities to ensure you put your best foot forward. You can upgrade your heroes with Gold and Shards, which are earned after beating levels. Additionally, after upgrading, you gain EXP which will increase your Player level, which will earn you new heroes and spells.

Magic at your fingertips

Beyond the abilities of your heroes, you also have an assortment of spells at your disposal. These spells can do elemental damage, heal, or generally provide support to your heroes during battle. It’s one of the best parts of Darkfire Heroes, and it adds a lot to the strategy of play.

You have a separate meter for mana that fills up as you make your way through each level, and each spell requires a certain amount of mana to execute. Your spells cycle through the five you selected before starting each level, so you always have something building up to cast.

Spells can be devastatingly powerful attacks or can help heal up your weary heroes, so it’s always good to check your mana and execute them when available.

Bounties for the taking

Every time you battle something or someone in Darkfire Heroes, you’ll earn some kind of currency or resource. The shop is the easiest place to get rewards from outside of combat, however, as there’s a free chest to be collected periodically that can contain character cards or other goodies, and there are other daily, weekly, and monthly freebies to redeem.

Quests are another great way to quickly gain items, and there are three different types: Daily, Weekly, and Campaign. Campaign quests offer bigger rewards as the challenge is often higher than the other two quest types, like asking the player to reach a certain level.

darkfire heroes preview

There’s plenty of other modes, like Dungeon, which sees you defeat enemies of a particular element type, and Arena modes, which have you either playing against other players to reap rewards and fame. There’s a lot of content here, with hundreds of levels in the campaign across ten different locations, and with the PVP battles, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Darkfire Heroes is available now in the US and is releasing globally in April. You can pre-register for it now via Google Play or the App Store.



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