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We are back with another Mini Update offered up from the planes of Hell themselves! Previously, you walked the Adventurer’s Path, embarked on a Hero’s Journey, and began your transformation into an Aspect of Justice with the Season Three Battle Pass.

After the maintenance had concluded all items mentioned below will be live—specific dates for anything going live afterward are provided below.

A trip into the Fractured Plane, the new Echo of the Immortal repeatable game mode, 36 new Legendary class items, and many more exciting additions to Diablo Immortal await! [Anchor]

Fractured Plane Limited Time-Event

In a place like Sanctuary, even those with the utmost mental fortitude can find themselves lost to the unrelenting darkness spread by the Burning Hells. Broken. Shattered. Trapped in the deepest recesses of their mind—entering the Fractured Plane is the only way forward.

The Fractured Plane is a new limited-time event where players enter an unexplored 15-floor gauntlet inhabited by the fiercest minions the Hells can throw your way. Your journey in the Fractured Plane begins without your usual gear, gems, and skills. Instead, you will be provided with a set of pre-selected skills for your class. To advance, you must rely solely on your wits, unstable gear you find, and the Chaos Coins you receive from progressing through hordes of demons. Best of all, only unstable gear of Legendary rarity will drop in the Fractured Plane, and items you receive will complement the skills you begin with, equipping you with the ability to make, and tweak, your build on the fly. When your journey in the Fractured Plane is over, all the unstable gear you’ve collected will vanish.

You can exchange Chaos Coins for new items or Shards of Fortune at the Chaos Broker. These shards will increase your Fortune Rating, providing a greater chance of receiving higher-quality Legendary items from chests on each floor. If you’re resourceful enough to make it to the fifteenth floor without dying more than five times, you’ll receive a reward. Out of all the Legendary items you’ve encountered during your run, select six, and out of those six, you will be rewarded one at random for you to carry out of the Fractured Plane.

Echo of the Immortal

Whispers of an impending clash between the guileful Shadows and the exemplary Immortal have flooded Westmarch. From back-alley conversations, to passing exchanges across Rakkis Plaza, the known might of the Immortal echoes throughout the city, but can the Shadows usurp power? From now until September 14 at 6pm SGT / 3.30pm IST server time, Echo of the Immortal—a limited-time, repeatable game mode, will be available for players who are at least Level 40 to showcase their PvP prowess in a Challenge of the Immortal-style battle.

In Echo of the Immortal, 15 players will face-off against one randomly chosen player who is imbued with the power of the Immortal. If the group of players are victorious in besting the Immortal, the match becomes a free-for-all—only the best-of-the-best will claim the reward and bragging rights! To try your hand at Echo of the Immortal, speak to the Battleground Captain in Westmarch.

Into the Dark Wood Limited-Time Event


There are few in Sanctuary capable enough to stand against the darkness and wager their life for the defenseless. But you, adventurer, have consigned your days to thinning out the ranks of the Burning Hells, ushering in safety where all hope was once lost. The downtrodden look up to you, and to continue serving them, you must travel into the unknown, Into the Dark Wood.

From now until August 31 at 6pm SGT / 3.30pm IST server time, as you complete daily Into the Dark Wood tasks, you’ll receive various types of rewards for your heroics. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards for you, such as the festive Wreath of Blood Portrait Frame.

Hungering Moon

The moon’s insatiable hunger persists, and it demands more blood. . . perhaps even yours! Gaze upon the moon—bask in its hallowed glow, heed its howl for sustenance, and lunar-laced blessings you shall be bestowed. Fulfilling the moon’s demands will earn you Moonslivers, which can be traded for Blessings. After acquiring seven Blessings you will have curried enough goodwill with the moon to trade these in for a random reward. Offer enough blessings to the moon and it will even present you with its favor!

We welcome brave adventurers to lend their hand in satiating the moon’s hunger from August 26, 6pm SGT / 3.30pm IST – August 29, 6pm SGT / 3.30pm IST server time.

Spawn of Damnation Cosmetic Set

Ancient tomes inscribed by the Horadric Order suggest armor can be forged from the flesh of demons. While assumed to be wholly protective and sturdy, there is uncertainty around the effect this might have on the wearer’s mind. Will they too become another mindless Spawn of Damnation?

It may not trick the demons of the Burning Hells, but this diabolical panoply still sends a message: their timely demise draws near. If you’d like to don demonskin before your next skirmish, the Spawn of Damnation Cosmetic Set can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Bug Fixes

Looking for the newest round of hotfixes and bug fixes implemented for Diablo Immortal? Check here for all-platform fixes and our known issues blog for PC-specific fixes.

Feature Updates

Multiplayer Requirement in High Hell Difficulties Improvement

You can now enter a Dungeon or Hidden Lair in Hell Two or higher difficulties with two, three, or four players. The Dungeon’s intensity will remain tuned for four players.

Completing a Dungeon or Hidden Lair with four players will provide you with a bonus chest.

Warband Improvements

The Codex step of needing to start a Warband Camp has been changed to be—join a Warband.

The Hero’s Journey step to submit 10 Warband Chests has been removed.

Class Change Improvement

You can now essence transfer onto Reservist Gear after changing your class.

Thirty-Six New Legendary Items

A new slate of menacing weapons and fortified armors have been added in today’s content update. Many of the Legendary powers are centered around crowd control effects. Each class has received six items, adding even more Legendary affixes to hunt down and shake up your builds with. 



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