Dinkigolf: Three ways to approach gameplay in this distinctive golf game


Environmental Player

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If you’re someone who loves golf games, you might be this kind of player. Someone who reads the course layout and uses that to their advantage. This is certainly more of a traditional golf approach in Dinkigolf. In the real sport, many golfers will use yardage books to check specific yardages on each hole.

In this case, you can move the camera around to see what’s coming up on a hole. From there, you can plan accordingly on how you want to tackle each shot. Each hole is uniquely designed, from being simple to being more detailed with its own quirks.

The courses will get wackier and wackier as you play through each area. This is something that some strategy-based gamers will love. Playing against the course a huge element of the real sport, and Dinkigolf tries to utilize that in a way that’s totally unique and fun.

Accuracy and Power Type

Some golfers and golf gamers will rely on good old-fashioned power and accuracy to get by. You can definitely utilize this style of play in Dinkigolf. Setting power can be easy, but being accurate is what can be the tricky part sometimes in the game.

One great way to practice accuracy is to go back and replay some easier holes on the course of your choosing. Just work on hitting the ball in the spots where you want them. The game does feature some solid ball physics, so it may roll a bit after it lands. Definitely keep that in mind.

Taking this strategic approach is common, and it’s always pretty satisfying when you put a solid amount of power on the ball or the right degree of accuracy. But even becoming masterful with one of these skills will go a long way.

The Ball Specialist

With Dinkigolf being as unique of a game that it is, it’s only fitting that there are some wacky golf balls that you can unlock as you progress. Most of these balls are more for style and personality, but there are three of them that provide special benefits on the course.

In order to unlock these, just continue to collect stars. These speciality golf balls require silver stars. So, you don’t need to worry about the pressure of going for gold. There are some seasonal golf balls that are just for aesthetics that require gold stars, but not the special ones.

So just keep playing along and earn those stars. Once you have enough, go and score yourself a special little treat. And if you enjoy using them, you can make them a big part of your overall game. These definitely can bring an extra bit of wacky to Dinkigolf.



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