Discord Rolls Out PlayStation Network Account Integration: How to Connect


Discord has announced that its integration with PlayStation Network (PSN) is finally rolling out for users. With the new integration, Discord users will be able to link their PSN accounts to display their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 activity on the messaging app. The integration was first announced in May last year but it did not mention when users will be able to link their Sony console accounts to Discord. The messaging app already allows integration with other social and gaming services.

As per a blog post by Discord, the messaging app has announced that its users can now integrate PlayStation Network accounts. The integration was first announced in May last year when Sony announced it had made a minority investment in the messaging service.

Discord has gradually started rolling out the PSN account integration for PS4 and PS5 players. Gadgets 360 team members were also able to link their PSN accounts with Discord, signifying that it is a global rollout. With the integration PlayStation players will be able to display their console activity on the messaging app — showing which game or app is currently active. Players also have the ability to display their PSN online ID on their Discord profiles.

To connect a PSN account on Desktop, head to User Settings > Connections and click on the PSN logo from the list. Once there, a pop-up window appears that lets users enter their PSN login credentials. On the Discord app, head to User Settings > Connections > Add. Users get a list of services available for integration. Click on the PSN option to enter the login credentials.

Once logged in, users will be able to select two options — Display on Profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status. This enables the user’s Discord friends to see their PlayStation activity, such as the game they are playing.

The messaging app already lets users connect their Battle.net, Facebook, GitHub, Reddit, Spotify, Steam, Twitch, Twitter, Xbox Live, and YouTube accounts. PSN integration is available on all platforms Discord is available on — Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and the browser.



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