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One of the most popular video game publishers, Electronic Arts, has bid farewell to the 10-year-old Origin platform. From now on, players will enjoy their download and manage their favourite games through the new EA app, which has been under development for two years. The new app comes with improvements in the UI, helping users discover new games, stay connected with their friends and provide an enhanced user experience. 

The new PC client is EA’s fastest platform yet

In the official blog post, EA calls the new PC client their “fastest and lightest PC client to date.” Before the announcement, EA tested the PC client in open beta. The new EA app comes with a streamlined design that ensures players can easily find the game they want. Further, the app features automatic game downloads and background updates so that the games are ready to play anytime. 

The EA App will also allow users to connect to other platforms and services like PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. This feature will be helpful, especially for games that support cross-play, including the latest FIFA 13 and Apex Legends. Further, EA will assign users a unique ID that will make them recognisable by their friends. Electronics Arts will invite Origin app users to switch to the “faster, more reliable, and more streamlined gaming experience” soon. 

Players can download the new platform from EA’s official website

Players don’t need to worry about their games, including local and cloud saves and other related content, as by the time EA invites them, all their digital assets will be waiting for them on the new app. However, if someone hasn’t received the invite, they can head to the official EA website and download the latest PC client for Windows and macOS. Additionally, the friend lists will be transferred as well. 

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