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Epic Games Store is no stranger to handing out free games. It has been doing it ever since the platform was launched and has not stopped since. Epic routinely provides users with free games, and members get somewhere between one to three games every week, that too free of cost. These titles are mostly indie games, but every once in a while, Epic gives away a big title free of cost, or at a hefty discount.

The festive season (December) however, is when Epic Games gets the most traffic because of its huge sales and handing over of freebies to players. It lets members get amazing games without shelling out huge amounts of money.

Epic Games Store Winter Sale

Epic Games has not revealed their plans for this year’s winter sales, but keeping in mind how they have been operating over the past few years, it won’t be surprising that we might get 15 days of free games again, much like we did in 2021.

Epic is also very synonymous with ‘Mystery Gifts’. In this, Epic posts a mystery game on their website and reveals it on a certain date to the players. This adds to the excitement as players are constantly guessing which game they will be getting for free.

Epic also makes it very difficult to predict which games will be offered for free because of the vast variety of AAA and indie titles in the market, but when they do, it is always a welcome surprise. Last year Epic gave away the Tomb Raider trilogy for free during the winter sale and was loved by players all over. 

It’s unlikely that all those titles from last winter will be put on sale this time. This makes the upcoming festive period on the Epic Games Store even more interesting. Also, the discounts that the members will be getting are also to be seen.



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