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Kojima Productions is working on a video game launch, and before they could formally announce the release, video footage surfaced online leaking the to-be name of the studio’s upcoming project. Many gamers are keen for the launch of whatever Hideo Kojima is working on because they consider the games released by Kojima Production as one of the most anticipated choices. The Death Stranding auteur’s next video game title is Overdose, a horror title. 

Hideo Kojima’s next game could be a horror title

Streamable removed the video for violation of the platform’s terms of service. The footage showed a character looking like Mama from Death Stranding. The character was enacted by actor Margaret Qualley who was in Maid and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movies. The character shown in the leak navigates dark corridors with the help of a flashlight while an ominous figure follows. Eventually, someone or something catches up to them. A game over screen is then shown, along with text reading “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “Overdose.” According to Reporter Tom Henderson, the footage was the same as the leaked video he described in June at Try Hard Guides. However, Kojima Productions asked him to take down the initial report, which Try Hard declined.

The gameplay footage has a picture-in-picture view of a person likely playing the game as a Twitch streamer. There is a text reading “camera player 1” at the top of the screen, suggesting that this is from a playtest. The footage seems to be on a YouTube-style interface, indicating that Google Drive may have stored the video. 

However, it gets stranger because someone has filmed that footage offscreen. That video version is then played on a tablet, which, according to a pretty prominent reflection on that screen, is being filmed offscreen a second time by a shirtless person. It’s all very unusual and as a result, Polygon states that there’s at least a slight chance that the footage is fake, even though creating it would require a lot of effort from some prankster. Qualley’s character model looks like the one used in Death Stranding, which may indicate that Overdose is a direct follow-up to Kojima’s last game. It’s also odd to see the name of the game’s creator pop up during a game over screen. Kojima has been teasing his next project at The Game Awards. He is reportedly developing a game in partnership with Microsoft, but it is likely a sequel to Death Stranding. If the reports and if the rumours prove true, then Overdose will be Kojima’s first full horror game. 

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