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Genshin Impact‘s 3.5 beta is now live, and according to leaks, two new characters will be added to the new patch. Dehya, who we have already seen in previous Archon quests, will finally be added to the game as a playable 5-star Pyro claymore user. The other character debuting in 3.4 is Mika, who is part of Eula’s reconnaissance squad.

Mika was previously seen during the Windblume festival and will join the playable roster as a 4-star Cryo character designed to support physical units. Dehya is the first 5-star Pyro character since Yoimiya, which was released in 2021. 

All information available about Dehya is based on the current Genshin Impact Patch 3.5 leaks, and Dehya’s abilities are subject to change as Hoyoverse continues to balance the character ahead of its launch.

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What are Dehya Talents based on the Genshin Impact 3.5 leaks? 

Dehya is created to serve as a Pyro DPS with sub-DPS and off-field abilities. Her Skill (E) can apply Pyro damage even when she is not on the field, and her Ultimate allows her to inflict rapid Pyro damage by using her fists. Here is an overview of her talents:

Indomitable Flame:

Deals AoE Pyro damage and creates a field called Fiery Sanctum if no existing Fiery Sanctum field created by Dehya is present.

Ranging Flame:

Dehya performs a leaping attack, dealing AoE Pyro damage and recreating a Fiery Sanctum field at her new position. The new field inherits the duration of the previous field and can only be used once per Fiery Sanctum field duration.

Fiery Sanctum:

Opponents within the field take coordinated AoE Pyro damage and active characters have increased resistance to interruption. A portion of damage taken is mitigated and flows into Redmane’s Blood, which Dehya takes over 10s. Dehya stops mitigating damage when a certain percentage of her max HP is reached. Only one Fiery Sanctum field can exist at a time.

Lioness’ Bite (Ultimate):

Dehya enters the Blazing Lioness state, gaining resistance to interruption. She automatically and continuously deals Pyro damage with Flame-Mane’s Fists and finishes with an Incineration Drive kick. Normal attacks are replaced with Roaring Barrage, which increases the trigger speed of the next Flame-Mane’s Fist strike when used within 0.4 seconds of it. If a Fiery Sanctum field created by Molten Inferno is present, it is retrieved and recreated with the same duration once Blazing Lioness ends.

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What are Dehiya’s Constellations based on the Genshin Impact 3.5 leaks?

The following are Dehiya’s constellations, as per the leak:

  • The Flame Incandescent: Increases Dehya’s Max HP by 20% and boosts damage dealt by Molten Inferno and Lioness’ Bite based on her Max HP.
  • The Sand-Blades Glittering: Extends the duration of the Fiery Sanctum field created by Ranging Flame.
  • A Rage Swift as Fire: Enhances the level of Lioness’ Bite, with a maximum upgrade of level 15.
  • An Oath Abiding: When Lioness’ Bite’s Flame-Mane’s Fist and Incineration Drive attacks hit opponents, they restore energy and HP for Dehya.
  • The Alpha Unleashed: Enhances the level of Molten Inferno, with a maximum upgrade of level 15.
  • The Burning Claws Cleaving: Increases the critical rate of Lioness’ Bite by 10% and enhances critical damage if certain conditions are met.

What are Dehiya’s Ascensions based on the Genshin Impact 3.5 Leaks?

The image below shows Dehiya’s Ascension materials:

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