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So, you’ve just installed God of War: Ragnarok on your PS5 and having a hard time figuring out the armour and loot system, or you could be having a bad time with the combat. Well, worry not as we’re here to give you the lowdown on what you should be doing during your first playthrough of God of War: Ragnarok. It could be a tough boss or maybe you’re just a bit lost but a bit of help is always a good thing. In case you’re on the fence about the game, you can check out our review right here. Ragnarok is one of the highest-rated games out there and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you skip this masterpiece. Anyway, enough of the rambling, let’s just dive straight into it. 

God of War: Ragnarok Beginner's Guide

Armour Up them Stats: 

Just like the last game, Ragnarok has a deep armour and crafting system that you really should be paying more attention to. Pay attention to the stats as unlike a lot of games, every number counts. Ragnarok gives you the option to truly customise your play style and you should take full advantage of that. For example, there’s an armour set that increases your Luck status, and while that might not seem like much, if you have a bunch of other buffs stacked up, it makes it much easier to trigger when using that particular set of armour. The same could be said about every single status in the game whether it’s Strength, Vitality etc. Take your time with understanding the stats and how each set of armour affects them. 

Shield yourself:

Pay special attention to the shield in Ragnarok. Unlike the 2018 game, this time around, the shield has been revamped to add a ton of offence to your play style. Right from the get-go, you have two very different shields at your disposal. One absorbs damage until you are able to summon an AOE effect while the other works more like a parrying tool. Both shields play very differently and give you, the player, a ton of choice when approaching combat in Ragnarok. If you’re more of a tanky Kratos, the Stone shield should be your go-to defensive tool. If you like moving around and attacking with speed, the dauntless shield is your best bet. 

Use the BOY!

Atreus is a big boy now and his skillset shows it. [Spoilers] When you do end up taking control of the boy, it’s clear that the developers have given him a totally new skill set. He is stronger, faster and more offensive on the battlefield. He even comes with his own skill tree that you can unlock using XP earned separately by Atreus. He’s also more nimble and relies on sunning enemies as a viable strategy. Even his runic attacks have been changed and pack in a lot more power. There’s also a surprise when you hit Rage Mode using Atreus. 

God of War: Ragnarok Beginner's Guide

That’s the seed

New to Ragnarok are these accessories that allow you to slot various enchantments, adding to your formidable skill. Now, remember that when you unlock three slots, to really experience the full potential of these enchantments, it’s best to attach 3 of the same type to really make use of their powers. Do not do what I did and just randomly slot enchantments without really understanding what’s going on. Make sure that you only add enchantments that have an immediate effect on Kratos. For some, you’ll need 3 enchantments to really make use of them. 

The rest is pretty straightforward. The combat has remained largely unchanged so if you’re familiar with the 2018 game, you’ll feel right at home in Ragnarok. Also, do remember to destroy every vase that you see in the game. I just kept telling myself I was doing it for the hacksilver!

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