Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast: Everything you need to know to be a culinary genius


Recently released for iOS and Android, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast takes the joy of cooking and serves it up with a fun casual twist that helps players spice up their cuisine whilst they relax and unwind.

Players can look forward to unlocking some of Gordon Ramsay’s favourite recipes as they jostle their way up the leaderboards, and enjoy some of the culinary master’s trademark banter as his cartoon counterpart helps guide you through the game.

Gordon isn’t the only cook in the kitchen though – we’re on hand to guide you as well as we break down everything you need to know about the game and become a culinary genius. Let us begin….

Have fun whilst learning how to cook

Gordon Ramsay might be best known for his Kitchen Nightmares, but thankfully Chef Blast is the antithesis. The whole aim of the game is to provide stress relieving fun that gives you real-life culinary inspiration by beating its match-2 puzzle stages and earning stars. Collect enough stars and you’ll unlock a unique recipe created by Gordon Ramsay himself. New recipes are added on a fortnightly basis so there’s always a reason to come back and keep blasting through the game’s block puzzles. You also have the option of using coins to unlock any recipes you might have missed and adding them to your in-game recipe book.

Stages galore!

For pure content, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a block-puzzler that matches Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast. There are currently over 400 levels to beat and over 22 different mechanics available to use – each one with a suitably culinary feel: chopping ingredients, ticking egg timers, and removing steam to name just a few.

The range of mechanics available help keep the gameplay fresh and interesting, especially as you progress onto trickier stages. Outplay Entertainment also has plans to introduce team challenges to the game to bring further challenges and extra opportunities to socialise via in-game chat.

The Basics

For players that are yet to try a match-style puzzler, you have nothing to fear. The aim of the game is really quite simple; match two identical blocks to blast them out of the way and collect enough items within the allotted amount of moves to achieve your goal and move on to the next stage. Easy-peasy.

Picking the right strategy

Each level will display both your current score and target score at the top of the screen so you’ll be able to plan your moves accordingly. The difficulty curve starts off nice and easy at first but as you progress you’ll want to make use of special items such as rockets (which destroy lines of blocks), bombs (which destroy blocks within a certain radius), and chilli peppers (these destroy all blocks of the same colour) when things start to get tricky.

Combining special items together will make for even bigger blasts which will come especially in handy when trying to grab special items on the board. Another top tip is to look for opportunities to use two chilli peppers together to give yourself a chance of receiving a multi-colour chilli.

Before moving straight on into the next stage you should also make sure to check if any special boosts are available for you to equip before the level starts.

There are never too many cooks!

One of the most exciting features Chef Blast has to offer is the ability to communicate and team up with other players online. Not only does it help unite like-minded cooking aficionados thanks to its in-game chat function, but it can also help speed up your progress through the game too by receiving extra lives from other players. Just remember not to be too stingy and send a few lives back the other way as well. Gordon himself might not admit it but it always pays to be kind!

Manage your resources

Chef Blast has an abundance of in-game resources available which you can earn by playing. These include coins that will grant you extra moves whenever you’re stuck on a particular level, and pre-game and in-game boosts that provide special abilities to use during the game.

Earning resources isn’t the only way to obtain them though. You can also take a trip over to the in-game Shop to purchase any items you need or unlock them by completing daily challenges or simply watching an in-game ad.

Now you know everything you need to know to take your first steps towards culinary stardom!

You can find Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast available to download from the App Store and Google Play.



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