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The announcement for the first expansion of Horizon Forbidden West was made during The Game Awards 2022 in December. And now the pre-orders for this game have gone live along with pre-order rewards. With this, Aloy will be seen going on new adventures but you can only access it once you complete the main Horizon Forbidden West story.

Burning Shores’ launch price and availability

The Game Awards 2022

The expansion is expected to be released next month. It will be available via pre-order exclusively on the PlayStation store. You can bag it for ₹1,664. The game will be out on April 19 at 5:30 AM IST.

Pre-order rewards

The Game Awards 2022

If you pre-order it then you will be able to avail of a Blacktide Dye Outfit along with a Blacktide Sharpshot bow. You can pick up the Blacktide Dye outfit from the first dye merchant and the Blacktide Sharpshot bow can be picked up from the first merchant in Burning Shores.

Just keep in mind that only once you complete the whole main story of Horizon Forbidden West, will you be able to experience the expansion.

The expansion story of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores will take the protagonist Aloy to Southern California. This was earlier hinted at by the Hollywood sign in the DLC’s cover art.

This is what the official description of the expansion reads – 

“South of the Tenakth Clan Lands, millennia of volcanic eruptions and violent seismic activity have carved the ruins of Los Angeles into a treacherous archipelago. Experience the next chapter of Horizon Forbidden West as Aloy pursues a sinister new threat to the planet, hidden among these dangerous, untamed wilds.”

We will have to wait till April 19th to see Aloy’s new adventures.


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