Infinite Lagrange is a space simulation title from NetEase that’s soft-launched in Europe for iOS and Android


NetEase’s Infinite Lagrange is the latest addition to the list of grand space simulation games. Recently, the developer has announced that the game is going to be available in Europe from the 21st of April for both iOS and Android. The developers have also stated that the game will be released for other regions soon enough.

Infinite Lagrange is all about the discovery of a time-space singularity known as a Lagrange Node. A group of scientists were involved in its discovery and all the incidents that occur in the game take place in the future. The singularities create the possibility of constructions across the galaxies, thus expanding its own network.

With the growing population and reducing resources, the civilizations spread across the universe raged war against each other. The player has to bring back peace and find an alternative solution for this ongoing crisis.

At the start of your journey, the game gives you a tiny ship with basic features and a small base. After collecting resources and upgrading your character’s, you’ll be able to upgrade your base and your ship with more features. While this process continues, your base can be transformed into a portable space station.

Paired with industry class design, the game features multiple types of ship with different abilities. Choose your ship wisely before heading to the battle. Each is fitted with a defence and armour system that can be customized and upgraded later on.

As the game is all about owning and building powerful spaceships, you’ll be able to collect multiple vessels and upgrade them all. After building a vast space station, you’ll be able to invite your friends to visit it. From there, you can add them to your fleet and march together into battle.

Infinite Lagrange is now available on Google Play and App Store for pre-registration, only in Europe. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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