Jill Valentine Is Now Playable In Rainbow Six Siege


A crossover between Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil is now live in Ubisoft’s ongoing shooter, with an elite Jill Valentine-themed skin now available for operator Zofia. The skin features Jill’s S.T.A.R.S uniform from Resident Evil 1, RE-themed skins for Zofia’s gadget and weapons, as well as an R.E Elite Zofia chibi charm.

The crossover is similar to a Tomb Raider event from last year, which released an elite Lara Croft skin for operator Ash. Where that skin included Lara Croft’s dual pistols as Ash’s victory animation (allowing for Rainbow Six Siege’s lack of dual wielding), Zofia’s Jill Valentine skin also includes a unique animation showing Resident Evil’s iconic First Aid Spray in use.

The next Resident Evil game due to release is Resident Evil Village, which is due out on May 7. Jill Valentine doesn’t seem to be in the upcoming game, but with the return of series regular Chris Redfield, some fans are holding out hope for a cameo. Jill will be playable in the upcoming Resident Evil: Re:Verse, a multiplayer take on the series which will release for free on the same day as Village.

Rainbow Six Siege has just launched its latest season, Crimson Heist. Despite being into its sixth year, Siege is doing better than ever, with a recent free weekend and the new season bolstering player numbers to record highs for the game. Ubisoft has recently revealed its Year Six roadmap, which includes a number of map reworks, at least three new operators, and quality-of-life changes to a number of the game’s core features.

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