Krafton responds to allegations of Battlegrounds Mobile India data being sent to 3rd party servers | Digit


One of the biggest reasons for the banning of PUBG Mobile in India was its alleged privacy and security issues. So of course there was going to be a close look at the game’s re-introduction in India in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, a few days ago, a report by IGN India claimed that the game was sending data back to servers in China. The report also notes that these servers were owned by China Mobile Communications and Tencent.

Krafton Inc. has since reached out to us and clarified its stance. The company reiterated that it is “working to fully comply with the Indian laws and regulations as we lead up to the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.” It also states that it is working to overcome any “shortcomings throughout the Early Access testing period.”

For its part, Krafton acknowledges that Battlegrounds Mobile India uses “third-party solutions to provide unique game features.” As such, some data was sent to third parties as part of using these solutions. It claims that the game’s privacy policy fully disclosed that the app may transfer some data. It further added that no data was shared in violation of the policy. 

Krafton states that the data that is shared with third parties is only to enable certain game features. It says that it will “continue to monitor and protect any data being transferred to unexpected and restricted IP addresses prior to the official launch.”

You can read the full statement here.

In related news, Krafton has still not revealed an official launch date for Battlegrounds Mobile India yet. As such, the game is still in the ‘Early Access’ phase. However, that hasn’t stopped Krafton from releasing a list of things that can get players banned. You can check that out here. You can learn how to download the game for yourself here



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