Lawn Mowing Simulator Announced For Xbox And PC, Beta Test Begins Very Soon


As part of the ID@Xbox showcase on Friday, Curve Digital announced a new game that few people probably saw coming: Lawn Mowing Simulator.

As its name suggests, Lawn Mowing Simulator is all about the business and enjoyment of cutting grass. Set in the British countryside, the Skyhook Games-developed title lets you ride all manner of licensed lawn mowers, and the big ones are there. Brands like Toro, SCAG, and STIGA are all represented and playable in the game.

While Lawn Mowing Simulator doesn’t officially release until later in 2021, Xbox members in the Xbox Insider program can play an in-development version of the game from April 2-16.

Lawn Mowing Simulator has players completing contracts in its career mode, while you can also just enjoy the zen of cutting grass in free mode. There is a challenge mode, too, for players who want to get competitive and find out who can cut grass the best and fastest. There are numerous unlockables in the game, too, including stripe rollers, mulching kits, grass collectors, recyclers, and flail decks.

The Lawn Mowing Simulator website has some further details on the game. It says players will get to mow the lawns at places like equestrian fields, castle grounds, cottages, and private gardens. “Each area has been meticulously handcrafted to provide you the satisfaction of cutting every blade of grass to the perfect length,” reads a line from its description.

Look at all this grass that needs to be trimmed for goodness sake
Look at all this grass that needs to be trimmed for goodness sake

The career mode has players starting a landscaping business and managing all facets of it, from buying a location to hiring employees and building out your lawn care empire with advertising and other initiatives.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is in the works for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC. It’s not the only new mowing simulator in town, either, as Polish studio Hydra Games is working on a title called Mowing Simulator, which promises to let players enjoy the zen of cutting grass; it doesn’t have licensed equipment, however.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is just the latest in the “simulator” genre. Others in the category include Goat Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, Farming Simulator, and more.

One of the other unique games announced during the ID@Xbox event was Soup Pot, a cooking game that won’t judge you for your mistakes.



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