Lego Builder’s Journey rumored to be the next free game on Epic Games Store | Digit


According to Dealabs user, bilbil-kun, who has pretty much been on point when it comes to leaks related to Epic Games store, PlayStation Plus and Xbox games for more than a year now has revealed that Lego Builder’s Journey is going to be the next in line to be the next free game to be available on the Epic Games Store. This game will replace Wolfenstein: The New Order. 

What is ‘15 days of Free Games’ by Epic Games?

During this holiday season, Epic Games has announced that there will be a game that will be free for a period of 24 hours on its official website. The game will be brought down once that time has finished and after that, another game will be up for grabs. This started with Bloons TD 6 which was developed and published by ‘Ninja Kiwi’.

There have been six more games offered between Bloons TD 6 and the supposed Lego Builder’s Journey. The game is a puzzle game that allows its players to build their own models and solve puzzles. There is an addition offered to the players who use PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 wherein there is a creative mode that allows players to create their own builds from their imagination.

How many games have been offered in such a way?

Epic Games in one way or another has given hundreds of titles for free since December 2018. Last year, it offered 89 free titles which were reduced from 103 that it had previously offered in 2021. These had a combined net worth of $2,120. Users have claimed around 765 million titles in 2021 alone.



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