Microsoft Is Reportedly Planning An Xbox Event For March 26, But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet


The Microsoft-Bethesda event might not be the only Xbox show for March. Windows Central reported that Microsoft is planning some kind of “gaming show” for March 26. The site’s sources said this event may provide a “glimpse at some upcoming Xbox games for 2021, and possibly beyond.”

Before you get too excited, however, bear in mind that official details are unavailable at this stage. Windows Central said it’s possible this will be more of a “tech and platform-oriented event with some smaller game announcements.” Alternatively, it could be “something more.”

This report came after insider Paul Thurrott tweeted that a “what’s new for gaming” event from Microsoft is slated for March 23. Windows Central said it understands this event may actually take place on March 26. Whatever the case, those dates are rapidly approaching, so we should know more soon, if the show is indeed real.

With Microsoft’s recent $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax now officially completed, Microsoft certainly has a lot more to talk about, but it’s too soon to say what might be featured in this show.

Outside of this one, Microsoft also recently confirmed that there will be more news to share from Microsoft and Bethesda sometime this summer, likely outside of E3.

The roundtable interview between Microsoft and Bethesda also offered some new insight on future games from Bethesda. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said games will release on any platform that has Xbox Game Pass, which cuts out PlayStation and other competing consoles, though arrangements that are already in place will remain intact, so Deathloop will still be a timed-exclusive on PS5.

We also learned that a whopping 20 back-catalog Bethesda games are headed to Game Pass on March 12, including Skyrim and many others.



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