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We have featured many board and card games on SKOAR! However, the latest offering by Hasbro, as a part of their Monopoly line of board games, the Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition, was something different. It was one of the few classic board games that have shown up at the Digit Test Centre, which has a ton of electronics and hardware with complex computational abilities.

Gone are the days when the banker could slide money into their favourite player’s stack of notes. With the Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition, Hasbro has introduced digitally scannable bank and property cards. All you need to do is scan the banking cards for the four players at the start of the game on the reader that is powered by two AA batteries, and you are good to go.

 Monopoly Banking Ediiton

A classic remaingined

All the transactions in the game are recorded using those cards. You can buy and trade property, pay rent, or take flights. Every single one of the transactions that you do is done through the digital cards and the reader, leaving no room for conflicts. And, for those of you wondering whether the game is fun anymore or not. Well, let us tell you. It is as fun, if not more, than all the previous editions of the game. When the game showed up here at the office, we took it for a spin on multiple occasions, and every time, we had tons of fun playing with the digital cards.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition

And, given the geeks that we are, some of us tried to game the system, but it was virtually impossible. The structure of the game has changed slightly, but in its essence, it is the same old Monopoly game that we all grew up playing. If you are looking for something to buy for your house parties, you should definitely go for it! The only thing that you should keep in mind is that the game is meant to be played by four players. So, if you have more than four players on the table, then you’ll have to team up. To be completely honest, playing the game that way does not make the experience any less fun, either.



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