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Krafton recently announced the Cosmic Moon Bingo event on New State Mobile via its official Twitter handle. The recent update 0.9.44 released by Krafton brought changes and improvements in the game and also introduced a new event called Cosmic Moon Bingo Game. Players must earn Bingo tokens to play the Bingo game and unlock rewards.

Here is how to participate in the New State Cosmic Moon Bingo event : 

1. Simply log in to the game using your credentials

2. On the home screen of the game, click on New Event 

3. Simply find the Cosmic Moon Bingo Game and play it

Cosmic Moon Bingo Game rewards

In order to play the Bingo game, users need Bingo tokens first which can be obtained by completing cumulative or daily missions. The cumulative missions are only active until the event lasts where as the daily events keep refreshing on a regular basis. To play the Bingo game, players need 3 Bingo Tokens which can be obtained from the missions. 

 Cute Moon Bingo Game

Once the player clicks on “Bingo Open”, the game will start and a random box will open from the Bingo grid. The goal is to open boxes such that a straight line gets formed in the Bingo grid. The line can be in a vertical or horizontal fashion on the grid and the users can select from the below rewards after completing each line.

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Cosmic Moon Bingo Game
Cute Moon Bingo Game
Cosmic Moon Bingo Game rewards
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