Newegg Now Accepts Meme Cryptocurrency Dogecoin To Buy PC Parts


Newegg users now have another way to buy PC parts from the e-retailer as the company announced that Dogecoin is an accepted form of payment at checkout.

In a press release, Newegg senior brand manager Andrew Choi said Dogecoin’s recent surge was the impetus for the company to accept the cryptocurrency.

“The excitement and momentum around cryptocurrency are undeniable, and the recent surge in Dogecoin value underscores the need to make it easier for customers to make purchases with this popular cryptocurrency,” Choi said. “We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re happy to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech.”

According to Yahoo Finance, Dogecoin was valued at $0.06 USD in early April 2021. The cryptocurrency has since spiked by nearly 600 percent in almost a month’s time, now hovering around $0.32 USD. This drastic uptick is largely influenced by alleged “technoking” Elon Musk. Fortune reported that in early trading last week, Dogecoin surged by 200 percent simply because of a tweet Musk posted.

Newegg, along with Microsoft, was one of the first few major e-retailers to accept Bitcoin in 2014. Since then, other stores have allowed customers to make purchases with the cryptocurrency, including Overstock and Starbucks. Newegg is just the latest company to join a growing list of retailers that accept Dogecoin. Because Mark Cuban is a Dogecoin supporter, even the Dallas Mavericks accept the meme cryptocurrency for ticket purchases. There’s also a petition to get Amazon to let customers use Dogecoin.

In other PC news, GameStop announced it will sell computer components and fully built rigs to address consumer needs. This includes carrying things like mics and headsets, as well as GPUs and PC games.



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