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Recent posts and tweets about the CSGO Source 2 leaks on Reddit and Twitter are making a lot of noise in the CSGO community. And this time, the community is more positive towards the buzz about CSGO 2 because it is coming from a recent drive update from Nvidia. This “driver leak” has been a source of many game leaks in the past and they have been mostly true. 


According to a Tweeter, the latest Nvidia drivers released somewhere around February seem to have added support for two executable files that go by the name “csgo2.exe” and “csgos2.exe”. This was first hinted at by the Reddit user u/DAOWAce and this was enough to set the whole community on fire. For those who don’t know, Source 2 is a game engine developed by Valve and is the successor to the Source game engine used by DOTA2 and CSGO.

Since the announcement of Source 2 in 2015, DOTA2 has been the first game that got ported from Source the same year. Now the leaks from the Nvidia drivers show a new game profile named “csgos2.exe” which hints towards the same. It might be true that after so many years of waiting, Valve has finally decided to port CSGO to its own Source 2 game engine bringing huge changes to in-game graphics and some minor changes to game mechanics. 

CSGO recently reported a new all-time high player count which is around 1.35 million players enjoying the game in 24 hours of time frame. With this news out and maybe CSGO getting ported to Source 2, CSGO might be on its way to making and breaking more records.

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