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Research firm, KPMG has released its newest report on the state of online gaming in India. Called ‘Beyond the tipping point -A primer on online casual gaming in India’, the report covers a host of topics. This ranges from the types of gamers in general to in-game advertising metrics. They also talk about the state of gaming in India during the COVID lockdown. Here’s a look at some key metrics from the report.

The firm notes that compared to global markets, online gaming in India is still at a very nascent stage. While the country has the second-highest number of gamers in the world, its Average Revenue Per User is still quite low compared to even other developing and comparable markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and South Africa. KMPG notes that there could be a number of reasons for this ranging from significantly lower GDP per capita of India as compared to mature gaming markets to a negative perception of gaming in India.

However, the firm did note that the potential of the casual gaming market in India is pretty huge. It states that while there are 433 million casual gamers in India right now, it is projected to balloon up to 657 million users by FY25. This means that the online casual gaming market could increase from Rs 60 billion to Rs 169 billion in the same time frame. 

The report also noted that the In-App Purchases (IAP) in India rose quite a bit during the COVID lockdown in 2020. In Q1 2020, IAPs in India were around $37.6 million. However, by Q2 2020, this number rose by 52% to $57.1 million. By Q3 2020, this number slightly declined to $43.1, which is still higher than Q1.

For additional insight, you can download KPMG’s entire report here.


online gaming in India
Beyond the tipping point -A primer on online casual gaming in India



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