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If you’re looking to browse the internet for BGMI redeem codes, you’ll find a ton of offers wherever you look. However, as tempting as they might be, steer clear of them as these promotions are fake. As of now, there are no redemption centers in India for these BGMI redeem codes. Until the brand makes any official announcements for the same, fans of Battleground Mobile India should refrain from trying to get them. 

What are BGMI redeem codes?

If you ever played PUBG before it was banned, you’ll know that the game often offers redeem codes that can be used to purchase skins, outfits, skins, and other in-game cosmetics that can personalise the experience for you. These PUBG redeem codes are quite easy to find on the internet. Unfortunately, fake BGMI Redeem Codes are just as easy to find. As there are no official redemption centers in India, you will not be able to exchange these redeem codes for in-game cosmetics. 

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