Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Walkthrough


The Max Lair and Dynite Ore

Crown Tundra walkthrough part 2 - Max Lair

Before we get Calyrex’s steed, we will need at least 8 Dynite Ore, which you can collect from the Max Lair.

The Max Lair is essentially a gauntlet of Dynamax Pokémon battles that you can share with three friends, or, more likely, CPU players.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should always use a Pokéball to catch Pokémon you defeat, and swap to them if your own Pokémon is low on either health or PP for useful moves. Otherwise skip, and one of your partners may use the caught Pokémon instead.

Bonus: Separating Calyrex and Spectrier or Glastrier

You’ll find the Reins of Unity in your inventory, and if you make some space in your party while Calyrex is also present, you can give Pokémon the Reins of Unity to make them separate.

This will allow you to use Calyrex and either Spectrier or Glastrier separately in battle, very cool since the two steeds are cool as hell and don’t get nearly enough attention.
Congratulations, you just finished the Crown Tundra walkthrough! Hope our guide was helpful, and have a wonderful day!



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