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The registrations for the Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) tournament are now open. This tournament will also act as the qualifiers to the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. These qualifiers are a part of the 2021 Valoran Champions Tour (VCT). The VCT will offer a prize pool of Rs 25 lakh.

Valorant Conquerors Championship: Dates

The registrations for Valorant Conquerors Championship is currently live in India and will be open till June 28. Matches for the same will be held between July 1 and July 11. There will be a second round of registrations, which will happen between July 14 and July 27. The matches for those will be held between July 29 and August 2. 

Aside from India. VCC registrations will also happen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh.

Those interested can register by clicking here.

Besides the country-wise qualifiers, there will also be Wildcard entrants. These will be played between runner up teams from the sub-regional qualifiers. These teams will play a double-elimination match series to earn a slot in the VCC playoffs. The play offers will take place from August 19 to August 22 and the Grand Finals on 28 & 29 August 28 and August 29.

All of the matches will be live-streamed on Nodwin Gaming’s South Asia YouTube and Twitch channels.

While Valorant is currently only on PC, Riot Game’s plans to release a version for mobile. The announcement came via Valorant’s Executive Producer, Anna Donlon. It was noted that the idea is to ensure that the game is not just a port of Valorant PC, but a unique mobile experience. As such, the team is not working on cross-play between PC and mobile. This makes a lot of sense as Valorant is a first-person hero shooter and the PC players will have a definite advantage over mobile players.


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