Scribblenauts Dev Releases New Early Access Game Titled Castlehold


Scribblenauts dev 5th Cell released a new Early Access game titled Castlehold. A competitive strategy game, Castlehold requires players to navigate what it calls an Active Resource Control System. The core of such resource management is choosing when to expand territory, defend villages, and plan strategic retreats in order to secure the end goal: your opponents’ castles.

Building an army is a key gameplay element necessary to achieve conquests. Soldiers can be collected with currency from leveling up and completing quests. 300 units, five captains, and four different battlefields are available to mix and match in Castlehold’s Early Access version.

While the setup feels pretty medieval–castles and villages form most of the game’s landmarks–the units appear to be from wildly different contexts. You can assemble armies out of cowgirls, buccaneers, samurai, vikings, futuristic cyborgs, and more.

“The team at 5th Cell is thrilled to reveal and release Castlehold today,” said 5th Cell’s CEO and Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka. “This project is an exciting next step for our studio that draws on our roots as innovators to push new boundaries and deploy a fresh and appealing experience for trainees and master tacticians alike. We welcome everyone from across space and time to join us in the Drift as we launch now on Steam Early Access.”

Castlehold’s full edition will likely add more units, captains, and battlefields. 5th Cell also hopes to add new modes in addition to the ones currently available in Early Access, of which include AI Training, a Casual Mode, and a Ranked Ladder Mode.

Castlehold will stay free-to-play after the full version is released. The strategy game is expected to be out of Early Access around six to twelve months from now, but the timeframe “may change as [the company] continues to develop the game and incorporate player feedback.”

Check out Castlehold’s Steam page for more info.

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