Sony could offer a new sci-fi third-person shooter soon, as per a new leak | Digit


Alleged footage of an unannounced shooter game from Sony has emerged online and it’s got the internet buzzing. The footage doesn’t reveal much – it shows a character walking to a balcony while a strange creature scales the side of the building. The footage is claimed to belong to a sci-fi third-person shooter developed in Unreal Engine 5. 

PlayStation could offer a third-person sci-fi shooter soon

Known leaker DuskGolem says that the footage belongs to an older build and that they have seen “a lot more of the game,”. While there isn’t a lot shared about this game, it is believed that Sony is planning to offer more live-service games, and this title could be a part of the realignment. In case this leak is real, this game will end up being the newest in a run of Sony leaks related to the Returnal PC port. 

Other updates regarding the Sony PlayStation

Sony shooter

Sony has recently confirmed that Guerrilla Games will be expanding Horizon into a multiplayer game. The confirmation came a few months after the game was out. Sources had said that co-op had been planned for the first Horizon game but this was scrapped as the brand wanted the development team to focus on other areas of the title. 

A Horizon Zero Dawn remaster for PS5 is believed to be in development. Additionally, Guild Wars studio NCSoft and Lineage have been claimed to have struck a deal with Sony in order to develop a Horizon MMORPG.

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