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For fans of the PlayStation, there’s some good news around the corner. Sony’s State of Play is kicking off again on Wednesday. This will be the first State of Play for 2022 so we should be a bit excited. In fact, the official PlayStation blog states that we can expect upto 30 minutes of new footage from Gran Turismo 7. The stream is scheduled to take place on February 2, 2022, i.e Wednesday. You can catch the stream on Youtube as well as Twitch at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time. Sony also posted some new footage on its Facebook page. The game does look next-gen with some impressive graphics and lighting. 

Sony’s State of Play returns with Gran Turismo 7 footage

With the news that Microsoft is acquiring Activision Blizzard, Sony has to step up to the plate. Again, this is just our opinion, but in the long run, what Microsoft is doing will definitely pay off. With the number of game studios under its belt, we should be seeing news of exclusives hitting the Xbox Series X/S. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but it would be a huge mistake to not capitalize on the acquisition. To that end, the ball is now in Sony’s court. The Japanese giant does have a ton of cool exclusives like God of War, Gran Turismo and a few upcoming bangers such as the sequel to Spider-Man, the above mentioned God of War and a new Wolverine game in the works. 

To that end, this year will be key to how Sony takes the reins of its gaming division. We’re hoping the company shows off a few more games during this Wednesday’s State of Play presentation. Maybe a bit more on God of War: Ragnarok or maybe a bit on the new Wolverine game? One can only hope. But as of now, fans can definitely look forward to more footage from Gran Turismo 7. 


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