Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 4 at the series’ 20th anniversary event | Digit


The Kingdom Hearts series has long been a favourite of gamers. The series somehow managed to successfully blend the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney. The series recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and during the event, it was revealed that there will be a new entry in the franchise. Called Kingdom Hearts 4, the game’s exact release date is not yet known. 

The trailer shows the series’ protagonist, Sora, waking up in a modern world. This world is apparently called ‘Quadratum’ and is described as an “afterworld.” How Sora got there is not explained. The trailer continues to show Sora’s fighting abilities by putting him in a battle against a giant Heartless, the primary adversary of the series. The trailer ends with Donald Duck and Goofy searching for Sora in the dark, only to be attacked by an unknown enemy. 

Kingdom Hearts 4 release date

The publisher of the game, Square Enix, has not yet revealed when the game will launch. Long-time fans of the franchise know that just because a game has been announced, does not mean that the release is just around the corner. Take Kingdom Hearts 3 for instance. The game was announced back in 2013, but the game was finally released in 2019. So it is quite possible that the game might take years to finally release. 

Aside from Kingdom Hearts 4, Square Enix also revealed a new mobile game. It’s called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. The game features complete 3D gameplay and should appeal to fans of the series. The trailers also suggested that players may be able to play the game in either landscape or portrait mode, similar to Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game will be available on Android as well as iOS and the closed beta test should happen this year. 



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