This Under-Desk Footrest Is An Ergonomic Dream For Gaming And Work


Over the past year, many of us have been spending more time than ever at home, working with a PC setup that may or may not be set up for ergonomic comfort. Even if you’ve got a gaming chair with great lumbar support, padded wrist rests, and your monitor set at the proper eye level, there are aspects of your setup that can still leave you feeling a bit uncomfortable. For me, it’s the fact that my feet don’t really reach the ground properly whenever I sit up straight in my chair, and this is fairly common–many people are too short for the chair they’re in, or the height of your desk requires you to increase the height of your chair past the point of comfort.

An ergonomic footrest is a great way of combatting this problem, and I’ve been testing the ErgoFoam adjustable footrest for the past month or so. The best part is that it’s covered in a soft, plush material that feels downright incredible on your feet, while its high-density foam interior offers enough support and a gentle curve for them to rest on. The main benefit is that the footrest lifts your feet off the floor several inches, giving you a much more ergonomic setup with your feet flat on a supportive surface and your thighs parallel to the ground. The Mayo Clinic recommends a footrest for this purpose exactly. Even if you think you don’t have trouble reaching the ground, take a look at how your legs are positioned–are they sloping downward or positioned upright at a 90-degree angle? If you feel any kind of tension in your legs, you could probably benefit from a footrest.

The ErgoFoam footrest I’ve been using is particularly nice as it allows you to adjust its height by adding or removing a couple of inches at the bottom. I use the full-sized footrest, which gives me a nice 6-inch lift, while removing the bottom layer would give you about a 4-inch lift. It also has a non-slip bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around.

It’s also a nice option for those of us who have a gaming chair that’s made for slightly taller people. The Razer Iskur I have is technically recommended for those at 5’6″ and higher, and while I love nearly every aspect of the chair, it’s not the most comfortable for my legs. The first time I sat in the Iskur with the ErgoFoam footrest, I immediately felt fully comfortable and supported, as the footrest made up for the height difference I lacked.

I can’t recommend the ErgoFoam footrest enough for those on the shorter end of the height spectrum, but it’s also a nice option for anyone looking for a more comfortable alternative to having your feet on the hard floor every day. Because the ErgoFoam footrest’s height can be adjusted, it’s not a bad option for taller people as well.

One drawback: At $50, this footrest is a tad expensive compared to other foam options out there, but with the current discount on Amazon (which slashes off about $10), it’s more than worth it in my opinion. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Whether you work from home fulltime or play games at your desk (or both!), the ErgoFoam footrest can make a world of difference in how you feel when you’re done. Take it from me: Your feet will feel like they’re resting on a cloud–a very supportive one.



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