Ubisoft to assist people in transferring their Stadia purchases to PC after Google’s failed cloud gaming attempt | Digit


The news of Google shutting down Stadia, one of its ill-fated cloud gaming experiences, raised many questions. While some were in shock others saw this coming. Now the main question that arises with this cloud gaming platform closing is about the purchases made by the players. Though the company is making refunds for all the hardware and software purchases, no refund is available for the Stadia Pro subscription.

Ubisoft’s latest announcement provided some relief. When the options will be made available to the players is still unclear.

Stadia was launched in 2019 and was a great competition to Nvidia GeForce Now and Amazon Luna. But Google’s announcement of shutting Stadia down by January 18 next year left many questioning their line-up of games on the platform. 

However, Ubisoft clarified that it would help players to transfer their Ubisoft title purchase on Stadia to PC in the near future. 

Ubisoft is yet to explain if it also allows the transfer of saved data to a PC. However, Ubisoft+ subscription services included a cloud save feature, so the players may get to keep their progress even after shifting to a PC. 

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