Unmaze is an upcoming visual novel game by ARTE that’s heading for iOS and Android this summer


ARTE has announced a new interactive visual novel game called Unmaze, in partnership with Upian and Hiver Prod. The game will be releasing in the summer of 2021 and will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

The story is based on Greek mythology and the myths of the Minotaur. The mystery comes into action when two young boys, Asterion and Theseus are lost inside a labyrinth and can’t find out a way to escape. The aim of the game is to guide these lost boys out of the labyrinth.

Ariadne is the character players will take control of and help guide home. But the interesting part is that the game’s story changes with every action taken. Ariadne can only guide one at a time while the other has to wait.

The twist comes when you are guiding one of the boys, the other moves in some other direction making it more challenging for you. Before you start guiding them choose a mode to start with. If you follow the dark then you will be playing Asterion’s story and if light then it’s Theseus.

Remember not to switch the characters randomly as the story’s outcomes will be different every time you switch. The game has minimal and simple graphics which looks similar to hand-drawn art. The story has no narration, all of it is textual.

Unmaze is made for the players who are ready to solve lengthy and evolving mysteries. The game is perfect if you are looking for puzzles and mysteries mixed in a single game along with simple graphics and lengthy content. So, get ready to guide these helpless boys to their home by tackling all the hurdles inside the labyrinth.

Unmaze will be available on the App Store and Google Play this summer. 

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