Zynga has bought up three Turkish hypercasual game studios


Zynga has recently acquired three Turkish hypercasual game studios–ByteTyper, Creasaur Entertainment, and Zerosum–all of which joined the Zynga family of studios by way of Rollic, a publishing company owned by Zynga that operates in Turkey.

The hypercasual social game publisher revealed the news in a conversation with IGN, where it discussed how its dominance in the casual mobile market has shifted over the years, and why it’s beginning to dip its toes into the console market. This push is coming with games like Star Wars: Hunters, with CEO Bernard Kim saying that “cross platform is a big growth pillar for Zynga.”

IGN also pressed Kim on the recent hire of Matt Wolf as vice president of blockchain gaming, quizzing him about how Zynga will grapple with the outsized ecological impact of technology like NFTs. Kim mostly demurred on specifics, but did say that the company wants to take “a secure, inclusive, and eco-friendly approach” to blockchain technology. 

You can read more about Zynga’s increased push into the console space in IGN’s full conversation with Kim.



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